Національна комісія, що здійснює державне регулювання у сфері зв`язку та інформатизації

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Delegation of NCEC visited the Office of Electronic Communications of the Republic of Poland

On 14-15 June 2022, the delegation of the National Commission for State Regulation of Electronic Communications, Spectrum, Radio Frequencies and Provision of Postal Services (NCEC) visited the Office of Electronic Communications of the Republic of Poland (UKE). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss important issues relating to electronic communications and prospects for further cooperation.

Thus, at the meeting, the aspirations of Ukraine to join the European Union were discussed. Cooperation within BEREC was also an important topic – under the European Commission’s decision of 7 June 2022 Ukraine became a non-voting member of BEREC.

Another important issue was roaming and the joint statement signed by European and Ukrainian operators in April 2022, as well as issues concerning bilateral cooperation. Both parties recalled the long-standing good cooperation between the two regulators and the projects implemented in the past and in the future.

Chairman of NCEC expressed his sincere gratitude to the authorities and Polish people for the incredible support provided to Ukraine and Ukrainians who are currently forced to stay in the Republic of Poland, as well as his strong position on the importance of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

During the meeting, President Jacek Oko and the UKE team expressed their appreciation to the Ukrainian people for their heroic determination and resistance against the invaders, as well as assured of our unwavering support. 

Commissioner of NCEC thanked UKE for the measures of support which were taken since the first days of the war, noting that Polish operators were among the first to voluntarily reduce tariffs on roaming and international calls to Ukraine, as well as for the NCEC support on issues initiated by BEREC to support Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens in a full-scale war in Ukraine.

NCEC and UKE have long-term and dynamic bilateral relations, particularly, within the Declaration of understanding and cooperation, as well as within international organisations and forums activities on multilateral level.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their willingness to implement joint projects focused on implementation of the EU framework in electronic communication and rebuilding of telecom infrastructure of Ukraine, as well as deepening further cooperation.